The Magic Begins….

Dark-Ribbon-Label-with-Lace-Background-FREEFLOWER ESSENCES ~ a gift from Spirit!


In the words of Spirit:

“This blog is about FLOWER ESSENCES in all their magical glory and might. There is a greatness here that must be revealed and conveyed, anything to do with the essences hold true, the flowers want to be talked about and they need an audience to admire their might and power. They’ll simply love the attention!

Essences evolve and develop, and they are all different and sing their own tune. These are instrumental for you, catalysts and very powerful helping you move forward from old patterns that bind the system. We all aim for lightness of being, to take away the burdens which grieve and bind us, we are all players within this system and need assistance on our paths. This light source provides a shining beacon, one we are proud of and hold dear to ourselves.

Essences relinquish the need to stay in holding patterns we can carry for some years. Their might is unsurpassed, they lighten the load for us and give us a grander scale of viewing our lives. Touch the essences regularly, take them in your hands and feel the vibration which resonates from them. They are life, the building blocks to vitality. So drink them up, enjoy them and pass them on with care and wisdom.

We are never alone in the burdens we carry through life, there is always a constant support network at our feet. We strive always to look deep within for answers to burdens and soak up FLOWER ESSENCES freely to help clarify thought and feeling. It helps us recognise our own being and sense the truth. Hold the essences in your palm regularly to empower them, they love the light. Full of wisdom these flowers sing mighty and strong calling to those in need, a quick fix finally after years of torment – it is simply that easy! Take the dosage and be done with the things which bind and shackle us. Simple, clean and fast. A remedy for all ages they love everyone and strike a cord with us all, big or small, old or young, superhero or not!

They are truly lovely essences and work to build a strong and lasting relationship with you. Exploit them to their maximum, they will only thank you for the attention, they thrive on attention. Mention their name and they absolutely glow, shining brightly, illuminating the core of the essence itself. Speak of them often and they will repay you. Cast no more doubts they are simply alive, alive with a light force that is whole and pure, that radiates our entire being. We wish you well on the essence journey and hope they fulfil all expectations for you. Hold them up, pray and let them shine. Blessed they are – light in a bottle!”

~ Spirit

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

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Field Marigold

CALENDULA English: A Field Marigold inflorescence (Calen...

* Miracle healer  * Truth  * Love *  Aligns * Very powerful

“So little with so much might, I am a true healer. I carry with me secrets to healing so diverse and true, I make the divine heal. I am very powerful, always working – I never stop. Always there for you, working, healing miraculously. My intention is strong and full of love, I honour and make time when there is none.

I am truth, bold and true, I will always abide the laws, I follow the rules, always, it is the only way to truly heal. I rule the mind and body, my soul is soft and pure. My love interlaces everything, I am everywhere, I work with great might, fierce and divine. I will make you come back to yourself where truth resides, I am always a truth player, always a part of the plan. I make wonders with truth, it abides us all and I use it always.

I have much to impart so do not think I am small and insignificant, the power and might here is as real as you sitting here. Use me well, use me wisely, use for those on a quest for truth, always on your mind, working tirelessly.”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

Purple Coneflower

Pic_0126_00 - Copy* Divine gift   * Wisdom  * Lightwork  * Numerology   * Heart connection  * Compassion

“I make you withdraw into places of the heart, so you can see the wonder inside…I am truly a gift from your maker.

Wisdom resides deep within and I help you unlock it. Take my wisdom I bestow on you now, I will do much with you. I will help you with light work and all will ring true.

I am a leader, a follower, all of you.  I do not alienate, I am compassionate to all and my wealth is great and mighty. You will see how great I work!

Numbers work well with me, so use in numerology too. The wonder of the divine is all around you, foreigners no more, cast away doubt, we are always with you….”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

Healing Power!

flat,550x550,075,f“All plant based healing you are accessing now – the flower essences – is rich, strong and infused with light. They are miracle wonders and heal intrinsically. Plants contain an essence that is alive, it enriches our lives and makes us full and awake, no one can dispute the strength here. Our forefathers used them for centuries where they dominated the healing arts and they continue on in mainstream healing today.

How mighty we have become, but our essence inside is lacking life. We feed ourselves garbage and expect to thrive, but this is not life and who we are truly. I have traced the globe, given love and healing and know what truly works and what does not. I have seen the effect on man, on the soul, the body, and I know what is commonly attributed to healing and how it works.

Our lives are precarious now, we’ve lost touch with reality, driven a wedge into a side of ourselves, crippling it, destroying it. I wish so much for mankind, to live quietly in peace with the self, with an ability to harness healing at will and to use plants to our advantage in healing. There is tremendous might here! Plants store so much power and might, giving it to us freely, willingly. We must access these tools, utilise them or they will cease to exist for us…” ~ Spirit

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

Kent Rose

042 - Copy* Removes stress * Safety net * Wisdom * Forgiveness * Illuminates * Wealth

“The beauty within, let it shine!

Disasters no more, I bring wealth on a global scale. I will stay with you mighty and strong, and my wisdom imparts me well. Use me in times of stress, I will abolish and remove them from your door; I am mightier than the sword. My name heralds a new day, a coming. I will open doors and provide a safe harbour to run to. A safety net of will and wisdom empowers you.

Clasp your hands to the Sun and run with me. I will take you far, far away to be burdened no more. Gaze at me and see the sun shining, I will illuminate the night. Call in vain no more, I am here listening. My wisdom is mighty and works quickly and quietly. I will surpass the events which grieve you and deliver you quickly back to a state of normality. Forgiveness is my name and I will push past forgiveness always when ready. This is true healing at its best!”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker


Crimson Wave Rose

027 - Copy*Aligns * Whole * Fast * Healing * Restores * Knowledge * Enriches 

“A whisper, a breath, I talk softly so listen well…

You know me, my name is familiar. I will bring you back to yourself aligning your energies back to your original state of being. I will breathe life back into you; heal and transform you. Alignment comes quickly you don’t need to wait, I work fast and clean and speedy. I will deliver and am always working at my very best to clean and restore you to your whole original state.

My name is knowledge and I see everything. My power is harnessed easily I am not fussy and work well with all, always. Our time here is brief, yes, but I will make it truly outstanding! Enrich you soul now and know you have done well by seeking my name…”

~ Flower’s essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

Bushy Aster

bushyaster* Instinct * Clarity * Boldness * Truth * Interactive * Dreams become reality * Improves life

“A flower of generosity, I am a helper, I will help you in life, to muddle through it and get you there. My purpose is strong and I love interaction; to love and feel. I love all life, I am divine essence and my instinct is pure. Drive this home for those seeking instinct to awaken inside – I will help all of those on this journey. Open your eyes now, it’s alive, this flower dances! I bring back life so follow your dreams and I will give them to you. Follow yourself and I will help, always with you.

Never cloudy or confused, I bring clarity of thought. For those who ponder or are afraid to move forward uncertain of their direction, I will hold you on your path to fruition – it is one of boldness and truth. We all reside here, but I can make this residence better by bettering your options and way forward. I light the path so to speak and make it shimmer. Dreamer no more, fruition comes now. Let go of old thought patterns and fly with me by your side. Forever I will help you to conquer the path, stay with me always; interact and feel my weight. I will make an impression on your life and you will be glad of me. Hold me tightly and never let me go…”

~ Flower’s essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

White Butterfly Bush

dsc0307s* Mends Heart  * Endless Love  * Unconditional * Whimsical  * Magical  * Choice  *Warming  * Curative

“It dances this flower, dances in the breeze and comes to life when you speak.

Its love is endless and it gives unconditionally, always, no exceptions. It loves all things great and small. A love lost is found again, it mends hearts sewing things back together, completing the circle. A flower of choice and choosing, it loves interaction so think of it often, it will only bless you for it. Always follow with touch, it loves to feel sensations and stimulation. It grows abundantly and is always there, always available.

Nothing beats the love inside, it is whimsical and magical, always caught up in the moment. Attentive and alive, it would swim the oceans for you, time and time again. A smooth ride with this one, very easy and comfortable like old socks, it has a lived in feel which is very familiar. It warms to the touch and feels everything; instinct serves it well. It’s always there, a candle flickering constantly, so keep this one close it loves to be near you, it loves the interaction. Warming and curative, it will help others to heal.”

~ Spirit

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker


(Tarot Symbolism : The Lovers)

(Herb: Cinnamon)

Pink Crepe Myrtle

000_0632 - Cop - Copy* Versatile  * Change  * Multifaceted  * Uplifts  *   Whole  * Treats all ills

“I am an all-rounder essence, use me in times of ill or use me when you are afraid and I will boost you up and help you rise in times of struggle. Anything of difficulty, I will help you overcome it and rise, so struggle no more. My versatility is useful, I can treat many things at the same time. Energies come together and are proceeded easily and fluidly. I make this come about and bring change that is well deserved and asked for.

My wisdom is unique and it transcends all with its multifaceted technique. I will abide by you and make you rise when you want to fall. An essence for all seasons, I treat everything, all symptoms and ills of man. I am human in nature, I understand the essence of man and make this whole and full once more. Use me well and use me wisely. I do not flaunt my gift like others, I am more timid and shy in my processes, but don’t discount me as I am still a leader in my field. Bold and true in purpose, I will treat many who seek to fly with me. You have found a mountain and I am happy to call this home. Use your instinct and wisdom now, it is alive and well inside you and calls you often. Praise me, I work well, wonders! Fly with the universe, the energies call you.”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

Orange Bougainvillea

000_0613 - Copy (2)* Whimsical  * Social  * Playful  * Bold  * Bright  * Forever Young  * Musical  * Light
* Calms  * Enhances  * Mighty 

“Whimsical in nature I am, cool, calm and playful; nothing gets me down. I am always light and musical, my name rings true and my colours will dazzle you. Brightness shines from my name, I am glorious to behold, hold me to the light and see the shimmer I cast. I am forever young and playful, and my nature is true and supreme. I will always play and long to hear you near. I never stray or hideaway, I always like the limelight and overtake those who try and overpower me with their strength. I am bold and liquid light, infuse me now with the powers from above and I will grant you this wish so sweet and true.

Enhance all you do I will, a constant now and forever, always playing, always true. A true gift I am and I give myself to you now. Hold me up and embrace me, play and entice me out, and call on me always. I will never leave you far away and am close here, now and forever. Say a prayer and keep me alive in your thoughts, harness the might here, you will be pleased. Go now forward, only forward for you now, enhance the light and play music so divine you will sparkle with truth and knowledge. Hold me up and never let me go.”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker