Holy Water

Holy-Water*Healing * Powerful * Pure * Calming * Nurturing * Empowers * Wisdom * Insight * Instinct * Freedom

“This is a God essence, an essence for healing. Holy water is a powerful healer. There is quietness in the way that this works, but it is still powerful and removes all blockages lifting the energy, heightening the vibration of light. This is pure, a force that is pure and bold; nothing destroys it or stands in its way. The holy water of life floods your veins, instils your being with light and it lifts you up, takes you higher and frees you from the zone of fear and restrictions of your body, and it helps the soul to soar, to rise higher and higher. It teaches insight, instinct and wisdom, and it is calming and nurturing. It helps you to solidify your life, your beliefs and your values, all that you hold dear, so that you can function fully in the physical realm.

Know that this is an essence of light and its purity shines forth. Bless this essence, this water of life and feed it to yourself now. It is a bringer and giver of wisdom and empowers you now. Wisdom is your name and you have become wise, a sage beyond your years, gathering wisdom and notes to you, enticing and filling yourself up. The holy water has been sprayed with charm and life, it has been replicated in time and space and will never leave you, it has been given as a gift from God your creator and he binds it to you now and lines your lines with light. Healing is my name; I heal all who come forward.” ~ Spirit

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

Love & Light Companion Essence

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