The Elementals


* Wisdom  * Empowers * Life-line * Faith * Rescues * Guidance

“I am a seer and you are my flame. You light up my world with your fire and might; your presence inside me is undeniable. I have roamed and finally found home, the place where you abide within me. I am free and I seek wisdom, I seek this fire within that tells me with surety that I am who I am, that I am made of the Earth. This springs forward for me and I call her name and abundance transcends and becomes a part of me and my nature, and I am forever more in her worship, for this is my life, my desire. My hopelessness fades; I have found a firm foundation, someone to lean on and someone to care. Someone who will listen and abide, abide to the rules, to hear the wisdom, to draw from this, to know the answers within. I can replicate and show you everything. Dance with me now, infuse yourself to me. I am a path leading you forward, I am tapering the knowledge to you now, making you transcend, making it higher and higher with might. A leap of faith and you are shown the way forward, all is revealed and no time is wasted. I am giving you life, a life line you see, I am making you grind to a halt to see the abundance at your feet, to take in the wealth. *The Elementals surround you; they are pushing through their fire and might.
We are with you always, standing with you from the dawn of time, never apart, never away. You are a follower of our ways, we are aligned and one, embodied in soul, clearing the way forward for you now. Know you are a mistress/master of light and wealth and abundance will follow you now. Breath us into you, feel the water, how deep she swims, how calming she is. Infuse her wisdom to you; worship the water within, the flame of light, the fire. Entice these out into the day, push through the elements of life for this is life force itself and we stream it forwards for you, blasting away the past and all that is no longer necessary. Push our light through you, it dazzles and shines, know we are holding you always blessing you with our might. I want you to know your name, your name is power and we empower you now, shining the way forward, shining you with light, giving you the guidance, rescuing you. Know you have done well by seeking our name. Know that you are full of guidance and wisdom now and nothing will come to part us. Drink the waters infuse yourself with light.”
~ The Elementals

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

Love & Light Companion Essence

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