Medieval Byzantine mosaic 14th, seraph from the spandrels of the atrium, Church S.Marco, Basilica, Venice, Italy(Medieval Byzantine mosaic 14th, seraph from the spandrels of the atrium, Church S.Marco, Basilica, Venice, Italy)

*Holy  *Supreme  *Joy  *Happy & bright  *Forgiveness  *Movement  *Hope  *Renewal  *Gifts *Abundance  *Majestic purple light

“A light buzzes, it is supreme, a supreme white light is cascading through this essence filling it up. I hear them around me, close, pushing it through, telling me what to do, helping and guiding me. There is a lightness of being here, they are asking me to laugh, to be bright and happy and cheerful. To shed this joy, bless this vibrational essence with joy and light, and fill it up with mirth and forgiveness. Happiness descends, there is nothing like this essence, it is so happy and bright. There is a light that shines from this, that helps others to see and heal, helps them to find the way forward. The Seraphim enclose it, they push through abundance and light, they are so happy everything washes from them, it glides off them. There is great movement here, such joy is manifested and everything is brought, the bringer of gifts to the table; such abundance and light.

Show yourself now, how you must celebrate, celebrate with these essences of light for they are a godsend, given to you from the divine, a divine source from the highest order. They push through you now, a purplish light energy, infusing the essence with this energy and light. This colour is pure and holy; majestical and full of wealth. I see a star, a flame, a flickering light, and it promises hope and renewal. All of this given to you, everything comes fast, quick; there is no need to wait.

Everything dances with this essence, the light here is amazing and it dazzles and shines, throwing off in all directions. It casts its might out shining with divinity, boldness and truth, and it’s unbreakable. How it shines! Nothing can outshine it. It is the greatest essence full of blessings and light, covering you with wealth and kisses, amounting to so much. Hold this essence in your hands and feel its might. You are tasting this now to appease the Gods, bringing it down into you, flooding your core being with this essence, the vibration to be true and you hold this in your hands. So, bless this now and taste the divinity that you have been granted.” ~ Seraphim

     Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

     Companion Essence

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