IMG_20140217_120846* Celebration *  Whimsical  * Shoulders Burdens  * Heals those in dire need * Resurrects   * Freedom   * Peace

“A celebration flower, it’s powerful, old, well known and celebrated. Used by sages and saints, it is historical and has many uses and whimsical properties. It never dies really and has the power to move on and resurrect itself, rising up.” ~ Spirit

“Feel the wind sweep through you, tarnish you, and sweep you away to newness inside you. Whole forever more you come alive now, frightened no more, only servitude for you now. You have resurrected your soul, your life’s work; bound to the Earth no longer you see what needs to be done, coming from a higher place of understanding and love. Abide by me and I will suit you well. Sprinkle me with sunlight and set me free – I am bound to no one. Shine and behold the might and strength in your hands. Pleased you have come to set me free to seek and heal those in dire need. Sweep the love through me now and know you have come home.
Behold the extraordinary now, I play here often, alive with your touch. Nestle me to you and know I build a bridge in times of need and strife. I will shoulder it all now and set you free. Rise above it all and mirror your wealth to the world. Harness my might and you and I will play together forever. Hear me now, I know all that binds you and needs to be set free. Taste the sweetness now so divine on your lips. Together you and I are bound, together we are free and freedom is all I see for you now. Go the flow of life runs through you and you will do yourself proud, bound to no one any more. Seek in your heart now, so much pleasure comes, a treasure trove stands here with you and I. Beside me in freedom treasure this now, the peace that comes and flows through you…you are burdened no longer.”
~ Flower’s Essence
Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

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