e - Copy (2)* Transforms depression & despair * Light source  * Nourishes & heals * Freedom to create & do  * Wisdom & knowledge * Sun & God within * Bold * Truth

“Sun God, Sun King, wisdom of light; so bold in knowledge and truth. A wisdom maker, it sets you free to seek and find the answers within. I see your ‘God Light’ shine like the Sun, fierce and mighty you are. Blessed and housed so well now you are growing in wonder you see. The might within sets you free to make and do, and you will grow old with this knowledge shouldered by the Sun, a god/goddess in the making. Come, shine your light and wisdom on me and follow me home. Roam no more, pure abandon drips from thee, take it and be free. Remember all we give to you now, our blessings dressed in night. Welcome in the force, behold me, freedom casts herself out and shines like never before. Wisdom land, over run with wisdom, you will paint the picture you’ll see, before long all will come. Shelter me here and harness my Sun, the God within.

Tiny seeds of light, pure light, capture the rays of the Sun and hold them tight. Not all flowers are food, but here is one to enjoy! The rays stimulate our senses; this flower’s a true light source for the body! It drives through despair, cuts it to smithereens, dissects it, and breaks it down into pieces we can handle. Once the pieces are separate, we can deal with them, crush them, release them and transform. This is truly a flower/seed for all seasons. It nourishes us, awakens us, and shows us love and lightness. To be depressed is merely an imbalance, not an affliction. This imbalance may be rectified when all processes are acknowledged and used. Depression can be countered and risen above. A seed to nourish and heal, a dedicated flower of the Sun, one to worship and applaud.”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

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