Calla Lily & Rock

ipod1 - Copy* *Remembrance * Hope * Graceful * Holy * Regulator * Works on Mind & Subtle Levels * Warm * Generous * Funny * Rebirth * Guidance * Wisdom * Choice * Illuminates * Releases Past * Calms * Repairs * Instinct * Empowers * Messenger of Light * Pure

“Divine grace incarnate, good and mighty, this flower recalls all, remembers. A flower for remembrance, special and light, it’s a messenger of light and brings hope. It is graceful and unique, and filled with guidance and wisdom. A flower of choice, this flower celebrates a new dawn. Open your eyes to the wealth within and shine. This remedy is for all who need assistance on their path. A guiding light, it illuminates the night with its force and might. It works wonders and works on the mind and subtle levels, fixing and repairing, it enhances treasures releasing the past.
Subtle and calm, a holiness abounds this flower. Enforcer of might and will, divine and true. A lily of light it glows in the night transmitting its words. It is wonderful and warm, generous and funny. A beacon of light and hope, wishing you well. Rising from the ashes it transforms for the better, a new day, a new dawn. Powerful, it draws forth calling on instinct. Ritualistic in nature, it goes beyond and above the call. It is pure and real, beauty and grace. Let it guide you, empower you, enforce all you know. A great regulator, it is always by your side.”
Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

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