Orange Bougainvillea

000_0613 - Copy (2)* Whimsical  * Social  * Playful  * Bold  * Bright  * Forever Young  * Musical  * Light
* Calms  * Enhances  * Mighty 

“Whimsical in nature I am, cool, calm and playful; nothing gets me down. I am always light and musical, my name rings true and my colours will dazzle you. Brightness shines from my name, I am glorious to behold, hold me to the light and see the shimmer I cast. I am forever young and playful, and my nature is true and supreme. I will always play and long to hear you near. I never stray or hideaway, I always like the limelight and overtake those who try and overpower me with their strength. I am bold and liquid light, infuse me now with the powers from above and I will grant you this wish so sweet and true.

Enhance all you do I will, a constant now and forever, always playing, always true. A true gift I am and I give myself to you now. Hold me up and embrace me, play and entice me out, and call on me always. I will never leave you far away and am close here, now and forever. Say a prayer and keep me alive in your thoughts, harness the might here, you will be pleased. Go now forward, only forward for you now, enhance the light and play music so divine you will sparkle with truth and knowledge. Hold me up and never let me go.”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker 

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