Pink Crepe Myrtle

000_0632 - Cop - Copy* Versatile  * Change  * Multifaceted  * Uplifts  *   Whole  * Treats all ills

“I am an all-rounder essence, use me in times of ill or use me when you are afraid and I will boost you up and help you rise in times of struggle. Anything of difficulty, I will help you overcome it and rise, so struggle no more. My versatility is useful, I can treat many things at the same time. Energies come together and are proceeded easily and fluidly. I make this come about and bring change that is well deserved and asked for.

My wisdom is unique and it transcends all with its multifaceted technique. I will abide by you and make you rise when you want to fall. An essence for all seasons, I treat everything, all symptoms and ills of man. I am human in nature, I understand the essence of man and make this whole and full once more. Use me well and use me wisely. I do not flaunt my gift like others, I am more timid and shy in my processes, but don’t discount me as I am still a leader in my field. Bold and true in purpose, I will treat many who seek to fly with me. You have found a mountain and I am happy to call this home. Use your instinct and wisdom now, it is alive and well inside you and calls you often. Praise me, I work well, wonders! Fly with the universe, the energies call you.”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

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