Pink Easter Lily

100_0307 - Copy* Resurrects & delivers dreams * Fearless * Forgiving * Empowering * Light path * Wisdom * Bold

“I’m told of dreams gone by, but I will resurrect them and bring them home to you. My sweetness and love surrounds all and encompasses the love in everyone. I will boldly go where others dare not; I do not feel fear – it is foreign to me. Jump now, cradle life to you, show me you care and instigate this. We travel far now you and I always working and searching, never giving up. I will help all of those in need.

Respect all processes, life is full and you will receive all you need now. Encounter the night and breeze this through, I will foster this connection well for you now. I can climb high and mighty with the best of them, so remain true and follow the path – light leads you now. We shall resurrect and stand tall side by side, forgiving and empowering one another.

Reflect now in all you do, wisdom beckons for you, entice her in. Wisdom sails the seas with you, beckons you further into her. She drives the life inside you and is a body just like you. Mix it up now, wish all well, survive with might and power. Take this gift I bestow on you and enliven your life with the fire, there is much help I can assist with.”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

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