Pink Hibiscus

000_058 - Copy* Equaliser * Divine gift * Amplifier * Passion * Aligns concentration for study * Focus  * Full life * Healing * Soothing & calming  * Remembrance  * Love * Joy  * Focuses energy work & prayer

“The wealth and wisdom here is full, bursting and alive…

Give this tonic to all who seek life, a fullness in life and who feel something is missing. This is heady and potent, it lifts you up helping you rise above all. It is God giving and a divine gift, so fuel it in. It helps with many cases and is full of might and versatile. Resilient and focused, it is a great healer and balancer of life, putting things back together on an even keel. An equaliser and balancer it brings gifts untold. It will focus you to your life, drive you in the right direction for fullness and light. Welcome it in, it is truly an essence of love and power. Very mighty. It prays well this flower and is good for focusing energy in healing and prayer. It’s a good amplifier too. You must use this wisely – don’t just give out. You MUST meditate to see if this is the right essence.

Hold this to the light and welcome it in, it is truly divine and beautiful. Welcome its healing wisdom, remove blockages and recall wonder again. Know I am by your side always, a light on your path. An essence for remembrance too, and a symbol of hope, love and joy. A passion flower, it ignites the passion within. Entice this essence out and sing to its mind. Soothing and calming there’s a nice energy here. It works well and is simple, but effective. Take my healing tonic and be grateful; my power is wise and full. I am a teacher also who leads to books, so revise and learn I have much to impart. I will balance you for study and align you so you can concentrate on thought. My matter is divine and my goodness always shines through.”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker


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