Red Bougainvillea

000_0612a - Copy (2)* Mends broken-hearted   * Healing   * Divine Strength   * Unconditional   * Maker          * Fast   * Passionate

“I heal the heart and my strength is divine. I will pray with you now and turn this healing energy into love and light. I will carry you forth into a world so full and lush. A great maker I am, I make things, so enlist me when you need help making. I am fast and work quickly with all of my might, and I will love you eternally and forever.

My nature is unconditional, I will accept all with no restrictions. I bloom full and with might. Others dislike me, but the love I harness is so powerful and mighty, I will shadow dislike and over run it. I am wild with passion, full and all encompassing. I will always be with you in your heart, guiding you, showing you the true path forward to healing and mending.

My break is clean, it does not linger, I do not hold on. I let go quickly and move forward, always forward, never looking back. Take me now in your hands and let me fall over you, healing and repairing as I go. I will unite the two halves of you again and you will never look back. Hold me close and I will hold you closer.”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

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