Rosemary & Rock

100_029 - Copy* Banishes  * Restores Order * Attracts Positive *  Instinct * Fairies * Joy * Healing Energy * Unlocks Wealth Within * Improves * Enhances

“I will banish all those from your door who are unnecessary to your path. Strike now the wealth lies within and I will unlock this for you, bringing forth only what is necessary and relevant. I hold you to me and you hold me closer still. I will drain your life of the messy and unfinished, and put everything in its place. I am the master of order and reign supreme. I will banish those away who are unnecessary and taxing – they will no longer grace your doors.

I have an instinct that is aligned and true. Fairies play here constantly and they love my healing energy; it sparkles with delight. They play and muse here in my wake and I lead them always. Fairies are my friends and we treat one another well, always together we are. I enhance all with this rock energy through me, so my properties are tenfold now, you have chosen well. Glide now, mirror all you see and take joy in all you do. Reflect the fairies in their games and reign true always. Use your might, build it up and work with me always. I will entice the bad ones from your door and welcome good energies in. My vibration is high and mighty, it plays with your field constantly working in ways to improve and enhance.”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker


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