Pink Spotted Emu Bush

000_0604a - Copy* Maternal * Assertive * Firm * Nurturing * Caring * Protective * Instinct * Creative         * Compliments ancient remedies

“I am the ‘mother bush’ calling on motherly instinct. It feeds through me, I am alive with it. Call on me when you need healing of a soft feminine nature. I suit everyone, we all get along. I iron out problems, tuck them under my wing and deal with them in a very maternal fashion. I don’t take any baloney – I say it how it is. I thrive best suited with someone small and quiet, who needs a little motherly pushing. Very gentle and well deserved, I will nudge you in the right direction. My advice is golden, unique and unlike no other. I stand firm beside you always, a companion and carer, looking out for your best interests. I will always abide by you and stay true, unable to be swayed in other directions. I put my foot down when I need to, but never surrender until I think it’s time. Hold your hands out and feel my love, it is nurturing and protective. A companion to guide you and show you the way. I am humble and true and rely on you to listen when I speak – it’s very firm usually, so you can’t miss it!

My words of wisdom fly with you now, a golden light invading you. A mix of old and new, I work well with ancient remedies and harness these powers easily. Nothing is too much for me, I am able to pull myself up and do what needs to be done. Follow me home now to someone who cares, that will always be there for you. I will rise up whenever I’m needed, just call and I’ll lend a hand. I’m great with all things maternal and creative, my ideas abound. Richness holds true now. Take me and make me your own. Light the night and sing with me now.”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled  by Ivanka-Jane Walker

Tarot: Queen of Cups


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