White Butterfly Bush

dsc0307s* Mends Heart  * Endless Love  * Unconditional * Whimsical  * Magical  * Choice  *Warming  * Curative

“It dances this flower, dances in the breeze and comes to life when you speak.

Its love is endless and it gives unconditionally, always, no exceptions. It loves all things great and small. A love lost is found again, it mends hearts sewing things back together, completing the circle. A flower of choice and choosing, it loves interaction so think of it often, it will only bless you for it. Always follow with touch, it loves to feel sensations and stimulation. It grows abundantly and is always there, always available.

Nothing beats the love inside, it is whimsical and magical, always caught up in the moment. Attentive and alive, it would swim the oceans for you, time and time again. A smooth ride with this one, very easy and comfortable like old socks, it has a lived in feel which is very familiar. It warms to the touch and feels everything; instinct serves it well. It’s always there, a candle flickering constantly, so keep this one close it loves to be near you, it loves the interaction. Warming and curative, it will help others to heal.”

~ Spirit

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker


(Tarot Symbolism : The Lovers)

(Herb: Cinnamon)

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