White Hibiscus

000_0584a - Copy* Amplifier * Fast Healer * Intense light vibration * Removes negativity  * Saviour          * Sense of self * Uplifting * Destiny * Surrender * Humility

“Crystal waters run deep, my healing might is truly blessed. I lead all to salvation and a sense of self. The power to let go, I reveal all to those who take me. I am a strong amplifier making all see truth and reality. I shine tenfold and my healing might is unsurpassed. A flower in the kingdom of light I shine bright. Hone in on my senses and feel me here before you, a rush so fast and powerful. Entice me out now, feel my vibration and see how fast I move. Feel it on your cheek the rush of energy I pass on. The intense light vibrates so fast it dispels nonsense and riles you up for everything beautiful and bold. I carry a force so powerful I am healing at its best. Always breaking through bonds which threaten, I always find a way through.

Introduce me to many I love healing work. I work quickly and dispel all negative forces. Only light of the highest vibration is left once I am done. I am very mighty and we will work often. Now is the time to divine, to catch a glimpse at destiny. Let it unfold for you now and you will be glad to have me. A saviour of light, an essence to uplift, I bring you to surrender. Surrender on your knees and know what humility feels like. I raise up the night bringing wealth and riches untold…”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker


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