Bushy Aster

bushyaster* Instinct * Clarity * Boldness * Truth * Interactive * Dreams become reality * Improves life

“A flower of generosity, I am a helper, I will help you in life, to muddle through it and get you there. My purpose is strong and I love interaction; to love and feel. I love all life, I am divine essence and my instinct is pure. Drive this home for those seeking instinct to awaken inside – I will help all of those on this journey. Open your eyes now, it’s alive, this flower dances! I bring back life so follow your dreams and I will give them to you. Follow yourself and I will help, always with you.

Never cloudy or confused, I bring clarity of thought. For those who ponder or are afraid to move forward uncertain of their direction, I will hold you on your path to fruition – it is one of boldness and truth. We all reside here, but I can make this residence better by bettering your options and way forward. I light the path so to speak and make it shimmer. Dreamer no more, fruition comes now. Let go of old thought patterns and fly with me by your side. Forever I will help you to conquer the path, stay with me always; interact and feel my weight. I will make an impression on your life and you will be glad of me. Hold me tightly and never let me go…”

~ Flower’s essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

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