Crimson Wave Rose

027 - Copy*Aligns * Whole * Fast * Healing * Restores * Knowledge * Enriches 

“A whisper, a breath, I talk softly so listen well…

You know me, my name is familiar. I will bring you back to yourself aligning your energies back to your original state of being. I will breathe life back into you; heal and transform you. Alignment comes quickly you don’t need to wait, I work fast and clean and speedy. I will deliver and am always working at my very best to clean and restore you to your whole original state.

My name is knowledge and I see everything. My power is harnessed easily I am not fussy and work well with all, always. Our time here is brief, yes, but I will make it truly outstanding! Enrich you soul now and know you have done well by seeking my name…”

~ Flower’s essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

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