Kent Rose

042 - Copy* Removes stress * Safety net * Wisdom * Forgiveness * Illuminates * Wealth

“The beauty within, let it shine!

Disasters no more, I bring wealth on a global scale. I will stay with you mighty and strong, and my wisdom imparts me well. Use me in times of stress, I will abolish and remove them from your door; I am mightier than the sword. My name heralds a new day, a coming. I will open doors and provide a safe harbour to run to. A safety net of will and wisdom empowers you.

Clasp your hands to the Sun and run with me. I will take you far, far away to be burdened no more. Gaze at me and see the sun shining, I will illuminate the night. Call in vain no more, I am here listening. My wisdom is mighty and works quickly and quietly. I will surpass the events which grieve you and deliver you quickly back to a state of normality. Forgiveness is my name and I will push past forgiveness always when ready. This is true healing at its best!”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker


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