Field Marigold

CALENDULA English: A Field Marigold inflorescence (Calen...

* Miracle healer  * Truth  * Love *  Aligns * Very powerful

“So little with so much might, I am a true healer. I carry with me secrets to healing so diverse and true, I make the divine heal. I am very powerful, always working – I never stop. Always there for you, working, healing miraculously. My intention is strong and full of love, I honour and make time when there is none.

I am truth, bold and true, I will always abide the laws, I follow the rules, always, it is the only way to truly heal. I rule the mind and body, my soul is soft and pure. My love interlaces everything, I am everywhere, I work with great might, fierce and divine. I will make you come back to yourself where truth resides, I am always a truth player, always a part of the plan. I make wonders with truth, it abides us all and I use it always.

I have much to impart so do not think I am small and insignificant, the power and might here is as real as you sitting here. Use me well, use me wisely, use for those on a quest for truth, always on your mind, working tirelessly.”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

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