Spiritual Blend

vtew* Fast * Unity * Clarity * Help & guidance * Balance * Abundance * Simplicity * Health & vitality * Divine liberty * Gifts * Change

 “I am blessed with all forces and they come racing through me now. This is fast, quick action, no time to waste. This is help from all quarters and they are all standing here with you, filling you with abundance and light, worshipping your core light. This is help like you have never seen before. You are being pushed up and primed, helped, guarded and guided. Promises to your future unfold, everything is being given to you, all borders are covered, you are being infused with light, a healing light that is pure and clear and the clarity here is succinct.

I have not known anything like this before, this is beauty simplified in one essence of light. All forces, all nations come together bonding and holding hands. An essence for unity. This, what cries here, this is camaraderie, this is helping and assistance, this is being worshipped galore, a holy essence of light that brings all forth, that drowns out past sorrows, and helps you align to a common goal, a common future. You are one and no longer battling, we are all of us here standing before you enshrouding you with light, a clearness and clarity of mind, everything is perfect, and nothing is out of whack.

Finally you have reached balance, you have found abundance, everything stands with you here, all forces are present and aligned, you have mastered it all. It flows through easily, quickly, nothing is foreign, you know everything and it is simple. Complexity dies and simplicity takes over and there is such beauty in simplicity and knowing moves you forward and you are alive with light, giving and receiving, throwing it off you, abundance like never before.

The tiger is tamed and you are alive and thriving within, bouncing and bounding with life, giving this force off, throwing it out and it touches and blesses all of those in need and we are pushing this into you further and further, making this dream of hope come through, giving you our all. Nothing is nearer to the truth than knowing, knowing you are alive and full, bursting with health and vitality, and we give this to you now. A dime comes, a gift, an opportunity. The wealth of the world and it lays with you now and we are giving you our guidance and making this come to pass.

Make this essence up nice and tight and lift it up for all to see, for there are blessings and abundance galore coming through for thee. Fire it up with might, blessings cascade down infusing this essence with light and goodness so pure and divine; you are show casing everything, throwing it out. No longer abashed or shy, there is a graciousness. Pleasing, yes?  Divine liberty, freedom at last! You are given a passport to change and your growth is surmounting. All around you vibrations are changing and ringing true. We are giving you life, handing it to you and you have taken it and been inspired.

Show the forces how gracious you are and blind them with your light, this gift, and give our sight over to others who are also in need. Release and let go of past tensions that lay dormant, that are no longer necessary, that take the epiphany from you, that are blinding or clouding you. Remove these issues, put them to bed, put them out to pasture for you are alive and awake and we are showing you everything that you need. Nothing is lost or forgotten, there is only Earth here, creation, wonder and might, wealth and gifts galore. Throw them off you now and receive our blessings of light and know you have done well by seeking our name and we are followers pure and good and true. Wrap yourself in these and know you have come home. Infuse yourself in light giver and bringer of graciousness. Swallow, drink, fill yourself with desire and all shall come to pass.”

~ Seraphim, Ascended Masters & Elementals

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

Ascended Masters

imagesB1IPKUOX* Clarity * Wisdom * Oneness * Guidance * Light within * Lightworker * Ancient wisdom

“This vibrational essence is clear, it brings clarity of feeling and everything becomes easier now. There is a guidance here that rings true, nothing is the same. You have found a light, a tunnel, a way forward and it is helping you to instigate, to become one with the divine forces, with all that surrounds you in your life, with this divinity that floods your being and your wealth within. It helps you to guide you to become one and whole, no longer separate.

We are inviting you to join us, to become bold in your purpose, to signal change. We stand around you applauding all you have done and we are so grateful. But, now we give this gift back and we fuel your life with wisdom, showering you with abundance and gifts galore! You will find your way forward, push through this darkness and find this reservoir of light with. We stand holding your hands forever more, guiding you in light and you are no longer in limbo. You are a lightworker now, shielding yourself, supporting yourself, helping yourself to survive well, pulling through the ancient knowledge, becoming grounded with wisdom and we are following you home.

Know now that when you take this tincture, that we are a part of you forever more, and nothing stands between us for you are empowered with our touch, our light, and it is shedding from you. The forces are falling forward, cascading and flowing, touching all who you meet. Wealth, such wealth within, we see you stand with the wealth of light, the flame of light and there is such goodness and graciousness here. Your abundance flows forward and touches the light of day and you are showing yourself more and more, giving yourself over, never apart from the divine plan. Singular as one we work together, holding hands with nations, guiding them forward for the good times to come.”

~ The Ascended Masters

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

Companion essence