Indigo Blue Salvia

20-copy*Instigator *Hope *Security *Sunshine *All-round Healer *Strength *Miracles *New Journey *Fearless

“Small and soft, but a powerful healer, I am an instigator and make things happen in your life bringing it to fruition; plan and bring this through. I will knock down doors for you, build a house for you, plan the world for you – I will do anything to secure things for you. I will climb walls and mountains, and build up your hopes in low times. All will be OK with me by your side and I will make life happen. It is very powerful the key I unlock with all, you will see my might and applaud at the light here, it is intrinsic and true. I will reveal all to you and you shall swallow the goodness which comes. All flows thick and fast for you now, and I will prepare you for all that comes. My softness is a cushion to your plight, all is good and pure and you will reflect this in all you do. Sunshine will grace the walls of your home and your belongings will reflect all inside, and I will shine inside you.

Take this now my medicine is strong, it heals all ills also. A great all-rounder, suffer no more heal and be merry! I will glide with you now. Your death will resurface into crystal and shine in reflected sunlight. Glimmer with me on this new day and you shall see miracles unfold now. Take me, harness my strength and we will do well together overcoming all odds. You applaud the day I entered your life and made life shine for you. You will no longer live in fear or be afraid, your life comes and you will grasp it in your hands and never let go. All will go well in your life now and unfold beautifully. Sunshine casts her spell on you and you shall be merry and full of sunlight. Reflect no more on what has passed – a new day brings all riches to you!

Bask now in the glow and wonder, spectate and see how miraculous I truly am. Smile now sunshine warms you and dream of better days, as they come to you now. Seek the answers and all will be revealed, cup me to you and never let me go. Go now on your new journey and bless the heavens above – they work with you constantly and are always by your side. Relish me my time is near, hear me now I speak the truth from the highest quadrants. A very special essence I am, treasure me always.”

~ Flower’s Essence

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker

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